Press Availability

Nichola Flood, The Queen of Health is available for press and speaking engagements concerned with:

- Exercise
- Wellness
- Weight loss
- Weight loss Over 40
- Nutrition
- How Nutrition Relates to Overall Health

Nichola’s diverse skill set and industry recognised expertise makes her a perfect guest speaker at events, seminars and festivals.

Nichola is available to speak directly to classes, groups and meetings, that are interested in learning about  fitness, health, well-being and weight loss.

Nichola's own fitness and health journey means she brings real-world experience and understanding -- of the challenges related to weight-loss -- to every speaking event and engagement she attends.

To discuss availability with Nichola, please get in contact with The Queen of Health today.

About Nichola Flood

Nichola Flood is a Health and Nutritional coach that supports individuals who are interested in losing weight, regaining energy and living their lives to the fullest.
Her weight loss methodology is based on a holistic approach to health that balances scientific data analysis with an understanding of the physiological reasons behind binge eating and poor food choices.
A recognised expert in various health related disciplines, Nichola in available for talks and lectures, seminars and weight loss events.