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Group Weight Loss Programmes

Nicola Flood, The Queen of Health provides group weight loss programmes.
Our group weight loss programme is fully customised to the weight loss and wellbeing needs of the group as a whole.
By fostering a community spirit , built around achieving defined goals, our group weight loss programme helps create life long bonds between participates.
Nicola’s weight loss methodology is based on developing a non-competitive environment that priorities trust, empathy and a commitment by all participates to become the best version of themselves.
By carefully setting mutually advantageous group goals -- along with personal goals for individual participates -- the individuals within the group becomes a source of inspiration and strength for each other.

For additional information on our group weight loss programmes, get in contact with The Queen of Health today.

What’s Included on Our Group Weight Loss Programmes

Each Participate Receives:

• Individual One-to-One consultation
• A Full Body Composition Analysis with post analysis printouts
• Follow-up consultations
• A full and frank health assessment
• Nutrition Plan based on the individual needs of the participates
• Fully Customised Menu plans
• Recipes /Shopping list
• Regular Food diary review and assessments
• Health, weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle information in the form of e-files
• Information on maintaining a stable weight